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Alpha Clothing Limited was incorporated as an apparel manufacturer for the global market in 2012. The organization commenced operation with a modest 150 workforce and 100 sewing machines. Currently operating with a workforce of 600 and 300 sewing machines, and look forward to double the capacity by mid of 2016. Our current capacity is 1.8 million pieces a year and will increase 3.6 million pieces a year. Our head office including our marketing, merchandising team and management is located in Dhaka city.
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About Bangladesh
  • Location: South Asia (Surrounded by India and Myanmar)
  • Capital City: Dhaka
  • Land Size: 56,977 square miles
  • Population: 154.7 million
  • Currency: Taka
  • Official Language: Bangla (Bengali)
  • Government: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Unemployment Rate: 5% (as of 2013)
  • Major Exports: Garments, agricultural products, frozen food, jute and leather
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