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At Alpha Clothing Limited, the welfare of our workers is just as important as our profit. Since our initiation as a company, we have prioritized various CSR Initiatives that focus on familial welfare, social awareness and community building.
Family Wellness
The primary focus of our CSR endeavours at Alpha Clothing Ltd. is towards the welfare of our workers and their families. For our first project, we worked with SNV Bangladesh, and Phulki to implement a Menstrual Hygiene Management Program, through which our workers are trained on menstrual health and hygiene, and are provided with menstrual pads at a decently subsidized rate. Through this program, we were also able to implement family planning education, and provide our workers with contraception, free of cost, through our medical center. We ensure special care for workers who are pregnant, providing them with education about healthy eating, and post-natal care.
We support our workers in their family planning decisions, and strive to provide them with all the resources they need. We have also organized Medical Check Up Camps so that our workers can receive free consultations, diagnosis, and medication for minor ailments.We have partnered with UNICEF on the Better Business for Children project, to ensure that children’s rights are at the heart of our business. We are assessed against 10 key areas such as maternity rights, child care, education, water sanitation and hygiene, and use these results to optimize the work we do to attend to the needs of the children in our community. We have also partnered with BRAC Bangladesh on the Mothers@Work Program, where our workers are trained in breastfeeding and child care practices. These programs ensure that our company is a family-friendly place, where all workers are empowered to lead healthy lifestyles with their families.
Social Awareness
We ensure that our staff and workers are given the opportunities to learn about global issues related to health and welfare. As a company, we observe a range of international celebrations including World AIDS Day, World No-Tobacco Day, International Women’s Day, and Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. We use these days as opportunities to educate our workers and ourselves about the pressing social issues of the day.
Community Building
We observe cultural festivals as well as holidays like Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, to boost morale and celebrate the lives of our workers outside the company. We remember all our workers' birthdays and make sure that each individual is celebrated with at least a gift. One of our dream projects is to build a Children’s Park in Tenguri. We are actively seeking funding partners to make this dream a reality.
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