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Our Story
Alpha Clothing Limited was incorporated as an apparel manufacturer for the global market in 2012. The organization commenced operation with a modest 150 workforce and 100 sewing machines. Currently operating with a workforce of 600 and 300 sewing machines, and look forward to double the capacity by mid of 2016. Our current capacity is 1.8 million pieces a year and will increase 3.6 million pieces a year. Our head office including our marketing, merchandising team and management is located in Dhaka city.
We strive to keep up with the changing global needs and to maintain cuvmer satisfaction . Our customer driven strategy allows for a better understanding of client requirements and thus enables us to provide quality products promptly and efficiently . We are also responsibly engaged in the welfare of our people , recognizing latent talent , providing training in skill development and ensuring a worker friendly environment .
To provide to the world a portfolio of quality garments that foresee and satisfy customers’ needs.
  • To ensure that our products are always safe to consumers and the environment.
  • To focus and work towards a sustainable socially responsible program.
  • To empower and enable our employees with successful career enhancement programs.
  • To discover new heights with a participative and inclusive policy along with our people.

ACL believes in a strong constructive work culture. We are proud of our entire work force, their talent, drive, commitment and enthusiasm. They possess skills in technical competency, product and industry related knowledge. Therefore, ACL encourages professional development for their employees to stay driven and to produce efficient results.
Product Development & Sampling
Product development and sample making is carried out by highly skilled personnel working on CAD systems. The systematic planning and prompt processing of the creative blueprint into actual samples for customers’ review, helps meet stringent sample processing deadlines set by clients.
Source of Material
We have a well-established supplier base both local and international especially from the far east and South Asian countries. This facilitates better supply chain management thus ensuring a smooth flow of material supplies with short lead times.
State Of Art Technology
An environment of advanced technology is the foundation of a highly productive production facility. Our Computer Aided Design systems, automatic & semi-automatic machines combined with modern sewing machines enable us to produce high quality garments as per our client’s requirements.
Quality Control
Our stringent quality control procedure covers the entire manufacturing process; from the time of receiving the raw material right up to the finished product. As per clients request pre-determined quality criteria is incorporated into the existing quality controls ensuring the product conforms to specific requirements of clients. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the level of defects to zero, thus promoting the zero defects concept at its best.
Planning & Information Technology
Planning and implementation of production orders are carried out by a team of skilled and experienced personnel who are ably assisted by a modern IT system that links the head office with the production plant. We plan to install the ERP system in future, to control and monitor the planning and production of the plant accurately and efficiently.
Customer Service
We firmly believe that besides the product the next most important thing is the service we provide our clients with. We want to build long-term business relationships and therefore, walk the extra mile to make sure the clients are not just happy, but totally satisfied.
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